Tin Foil Hat Awards for April 15th April 13, 2015 16:01

Well, a glance at the old calendar reminds us that Tax Day is fast approaching. Amazingly, April 15th is also the day the Titanic sank.

Coincidence? We think not.

Speaking of strange coincidences and the Titanic. it seems even this well-documented event is subject to the conspiracy theorists. One of the most popular theories (if it can be called that) is that the Titanic never actually sank - the owners of the White Star line (JP Morgan, among others) swapped the two ships and sank Titanic's sister ship, Olympic, in a colossal insurance scam. Another theory points to the many 1st Class businessmen passengers were opposed to the formation of the Federal Reserve, and the ship was intentionally sunk by Morgan to remove them from the picture.

In celebration of Titanic Day, we will begin awarding the coveted Tin Foil Hat award for best conspiracy theory. We plan to make this a regular feature of our blog, unless Bigfoot objects. So, in ascending order of number of Tin Foil hats required to force your brain to believe a particular conspiracy, here are our ratings for Titanic Conspiracies:

       Titanic was sunk by pack ice, not an iceberg. Does it matter? 1 hat.
        Titanic sank because of high speed, caused when the crew attempted to put out a smoldering pile of coal by over-loading the boilers. Or they could have turned a fire hose on the pile, but that wouldn't have been nearly so romantic. 2 hats.

        Titanic was swapped for the Olympic in an insurance scam. Sure - how hard could it be to do the old swicher-oonie with two 46,000 ton ocean liners? 4 hats.

         Titanic was sunk by JP Morgan to remove resisters to the Federal Reserve. And how was Morgan guaranteed that the proper resisters would, in fact, drown? 5 hats.

         A journalist secretly concealed a cursed mummy under the car that was in the Titanic's hold, and the curse sank the ship. Don't you think Rose and Jack would have noticed the smell? 5 hats.

So there you have it -  this week's edition of the Tin Foil Hat award. Stay tuned for the next entry, where we will examine another truthy theory.