Funny Autopsy Toe Tag Christmas Tree Ornament


Funny Autopsy Toe Tag Christmas Tree Ornament

All good things must come to an end, and alas, your lovely Christmas tree will soon pass from this mortal coil and return to the Earth from whence it came. You may as well go ahead and prepare for its upcoming demise, and what better way to remind you of the trees' mortality than pre-labeling it with a toe tag?

We're pretty sure "CAUSE OF DEATH" will be a severe laceration inflicted by a heavy, sharp instrument - possibly a chain saw, but probably an ax. Further forensic study will be required. 

Technical Data: 

  • Aluminum ornament permanently printed with non-toxic inks
  • 2 inches by 3 inches 
  • Includes red satin ribbon for hanging on your tree, wreath, door or Festivus pole
  • Does not include tree. We have to say that because someone actually thought the tree was included. Seriously.

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