Murphy's Law Ceramic Christmas Ornament


Murphy's Law was invented by lazy good-for-nothings as an excuse for sloppy work. There's no such thing as a rule that claims that if anything can go wrong, it will. Skill, attention to detail and focused concentration will always result in delivery of flawless products and services.

We feel so passionate about this that we've created the Murphy's Law Myth Christmas ornament, which clearly confirms that the alleged 'law' is nothing more than an urban legend. This ornament stands as a testament to how easy it is to overcome the mythical 'Murphy's Law.' 

Technical Data:

  • Ceramic ornament permanently printed with non-toxic inks
  • 2.85 inch diameter
  • Includes red satin ribbon for hanging on your tree, wreath, door or Festivus pole, and comes in a lovely black velvet storage bag
  • Does not include tree, pine cones, sugar cookies or anything else you see in the pictures other than the ornament and the ribbon. We have to say that because someone actually thought the tree was included. Seriously.

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