Mathematician Definition Funny Glass Christmas Ornament


Mathematicians are indeed a peculiar sort. Simple questions, like 'how fast are we going?', can be answered by most mortals by looking at the speedometer of their car. Not so for the mathematician. The speedometer represents only a single data point - it doesn't consider variables such as the rotational speed of the earth, lunar gravitational effects, wind resistance, Einsteinian gravity waves, road friction, galactic angular momentum, and the ethanol level of the gasoline involved.

As you can imagine, these guys are a riot at parties.

Technicam notitia (the technical bits)

  • Ornament measures 3.5 wide x 4 inches high
  • 1/8 inch thick glass material
  • Black velvet gift bag included
  • Semi-translucent image
  • Image printed with permanent, non-toxic inks - will not run or fade
  • Red  ribbon included. Tree limb, pine cone, beads, gingerbread man, star cookies and table not included. We have to say this because some rocket surgeon actually complained that the ornament they received did not include all of this. Disturbingly, we believe this person may be able to vote.

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