Mother Periodic Table of Elements Metal Key Chain - Perfect Gift for Mom


Mother Periodic Table of Elements Metal Key Chain - Perfect Gift for Mom 

Here's a fun keychain for your scientific, geeky, nerdy or technical Mom. A useful gift assuming you've got a Mom, Mum, Ma, Mudder, Old Lady, 'Rent, or other colloquialism. If not, please go to the nearest police station and register as a space alien.

Assuming you are not a space alien, you may want to consider this keychain, which bears the periodic table identifiers for the chemical elements Molybdenum, Thorium and Erbium. Smush them all together and you get MoThEr. Clever, huh?

(Note: we do not recommend smushing these elements together in real life. It gets messy. Trust us on this one.)

However, if you are, in fact, a space alien, it is entirely possible that you are made largely of these elements. This keychain could serve as a sort of medical emergency identity tag, letting paramedics know that in case of emergency, you likely need a transfusion of motor oil instead of blood.

Anyway, we think this would be a pretty cool thing to give to your technically with-it female parental unit. She'll be able to show it off to all her friends. "Look," she'll say, "my little <insert your name here> must have actually been paying attention in Chemistry class!"

Technicam notitia (the technical bits)

  • Ships in fancy gift box 
  • Solid metal fob with attached ring
  • Overall length 3 inches / 8 cm

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