Home Periodic Table Framed 3 Piece Wall Plaque Set


Using the periodic table and a super triple top secret printing method we have created the perfect wall art for every geeky home.

This set is comprised of 3 individual black framed plaques which have been permanently imprinted with Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Mendelevium ( OK, OK I know we cheated a little bit here...Mendelevium was actually the suggested name for Erbium....but lets face it...your non chemistry friends will never know...and the chemistry geeks that do pick up on it will hopefully find it an interested conversation starter.....besides.....HOEr....just didn't look right) periodic table chemistry elements.

Also there is a handy keyhole on the back for easy hanging and no glass to break or clean.

● Wood construction
● Permanent, heat-sublimated printing
● Keyhole back for easy hanging (look good leaning on a shelf, too!)
● Water / stain / bearnaise-sauce resistant

Overall Size: 5" x 7"
Imprinted Area: 3.875" x 5.875"

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