Funny Periodic Table of Elements Typography Wall Plaque


Science tells us there are 118 elements, more or less, in the known universe. We believe, however, that there must be many more. How else to explain things like Kim Kardashian, Economics or the Yugo? 

In order to account for such anomalies, we have postulated an Alternative Periodic Table of Elements. Here's just a small sample of the elements contained therein:

  • Ad (spamite) 
  • Mo (greedium)
  • Oj (simpsonite) 
  • R (piratium)
  • Bp (oopsium)

You get the idea. Any scientist, chemist, or physicist nerd would really enjoy this, especially if said nerd should happen to be your personal self. Also, you Liberal Arts majors could use this to have some fun messing with your geeky friends!

Technicam notitia (the technical bits)

  • Dimensions - 9" high x 12" wide x 5/8" deep
  • Solid MDF wood construction
  • Black built in frame
  • Pre-drilled hanging slots 
  • Permanently printed with non-toxic, no-fade inks

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