Beer Chemistry and Varieties Typography Wall Plaque


In recent times, we have witnessed the emergence of a new variety of connoisseur, generally referred to as the Beer Snot. Beer Snots are similar to Wine Snobs, just with less refinement. Being a Beer Snot is roughly similar to having strong opinions on which trailer park is in the best location.

So, if you must be a Beer Snot, it is in your interest to show some smarts. This plaque reflects your understanding of the Periodic Table of Elements and your encyclopedic knowledge of the varieties of beer.

And by the way, the best location for a trailer park is: "the one least likely to attract a tornado."

Technicam notitia (the technical bits)

  • Dimensions - 9" high x 12" wide x 5/8" deep
  • Solid MDF wood construction
  • Black one piece frame built in
  • Pre-drilled hanging slots 
  • Permanently printed with non-toxic, no-fade inks

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