Value of Pi Ceramic Christmas Ornament


There are a lot of mysterious things about Christmas. Like how does Santa drop off the gifts if there is no chimney for him to shimmy down? And what, exactly, is eggnog and why do we think it's a good idea to drink it? And what genius decided it was a good idea to string electrical lights all over the outside of our houses for three months (meaning the one month of December and the following two months it takes us to get around to taking them down)?

So, in the spirit of mysteries, why not hang an ornament representing one of the great mysteries of math on your tree? This ornament lists the value of pi with enough precision to calculate launch trajectories. No Christmas tree should be without one! 

Technical Data:

  • Ceramic ornament permanently printed with non-toxic inks
  • 2.85 inch diameter
  • Includes red satin ribbon for hanging on your tree, wreath, door or Festivus pole, and comes in a lovely black velvet storage bag
  • Does not include tree, pine cones, sugar cookies or anything else you see in the pictures other than the ornament and the ribbon. We have to say that because someone actually thought the tree was included. Seriously.

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