Teacher Definition Picture Frame


Those brave souls that take charge of our Little Darlings certainly deserve our respect, even if their career choice skills may be a little suspect.

Most other careers (excepting that of Forest Ranger) allow the participant to see the results of their efforts, at least within their lifetime. The teacher, however, rarely gets to see the fruits of their labors. The little ankle-biter that sent you screaming into the street may, decades from now, end up discovering a cure for cancer, or win a Nobel Peace Price, or invent the transmogrifier ... but probably not. That particular ankle-biter is a mean one!

Want it personalized? We'd be happy to include a name of your choice. Just choose the personalized option below and let us know what you'd like to add.

Techniciam Notitae (the technical stuff)   

  • Outside frame dimensions: 8x10
  • Inside picture dimensions 4x6
  • Pre-drilled slots for easy hanging
  • Front glass included
  • Printed designs using permanent earth-friendly inks

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