Shower Patent- Historic Bathroom Patents Series


This patent for a full-body 'shower-bath' anticipated the high-end, high dollar showers of today by about 100 years. Note the multiple jets, rain shower head and all of the other features you'd see in a ridiculously overpriced design studio of today. The only downside of this 1890 design is that the valve configuration required a certified engineer to operate, but as long as you didn't mind showering with him it was all good...

This plaque bears the original US Patent Office drawings of the 'shower-bath', along with the technical description of exactly how it works. This would look fantastic in a Craftsman or Rustic-themed room, and would really appeal to engineers, technicians, scientists, inventors or anyone with a sense of history.


Techniciam Notitae (the technical stuff)   

  • Solid MDF construction
  • High gloss finish
  • Pre-drilled hanging slots
  • Design is printed using permanent, earth-friendly inks


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