Wine Varieties Pillow Cover - Natural Color - Zipper Enclosure - 18"x18"


This original pillow cover has been carefully engineered in our Neurons Not Included lab to appeal to a well-known but chronically underserved audience - the sleep-deprived wine snob. The Sleep-Deprived Wine Snob (or SDWS, for short) has a foot firmly planed in two contradictory worlds. On the one hand (or foot, to stick with the metaphor), the SDWS appreciates the many varieties of wines carefully crafted by winemakers everywhere. On the other foot, the SDWS really needs a nap.

So, to provide the SDWS with something that fits in both worlds, we introduce the Wine Snot Pillow, which will assist the SDWS in dreaming of wine varieties whilst they slip gently into the arms of Morpheus (transaltion: they nod off).

Please note: This is a pillow cover, meaning you supply the fluffy pillow insert part that goes inside the cover. They are available at pretty much any craft or home decor store. Why do we sell the pillow covers without the inserts? Mainly because it saves you big time on shipping costs. Purchasing the cover separate from the pillow insert also lets you pick the kind of insert you want - basic poly up to feather down.

Technicam notitia (the technical bits)

  • 18 inches by 18 inches square
  • Pillow cover only
  • Insert not included - saves you on shipping cost
  • Permanently printed - will not fade
  • Fully lined and interior seams finished
  • Zipper closure on bottom
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle
  • Polyester burlap fabric