One in a Million Coffee or Tea Mug


We live in a society that is extraordinarily impressed with itself. All those formative years of Participation Ribbons and unearned praise have created a sense of self-importance that probably doesn't pass the BS test - and we don't mean Bachelor of Science.

So if you're an educator, employer or other individual privileged to spend time with those who are pretty damn sure of their self-importance, you might find this mug a useful tool to remind the darlings that they might not be all they think they are.


Technicam notitia (the technical bits)

  • Mug holds 11oz / 325ml of your favorite hot or cold beverage. 
  • White exterior and interior.
  • Lead free.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Does an outstanding job of holding coffee, as well as pretty much any other liquid, as long as said liquid is not molten, supercooled or wicked corrosive.
  • As an added, exclusive feature, we have carefully engineered this mug to hold pencils, paper clips, highlighters, rulers, TPS reports and other paraphernalia that tends to accumulate around your desk.

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