Floppy Disk Coasters with Display Holder


If you have more than vague memories of the Spice Girls, and were at all involved with computers at the time they were relevant, then you likely had a few thousand of these things lying around. Today, however, the floppy disk has gone the way of polite political debate. The only place you see them any more is as the 'save' icon in many desktop programs - and most anyone under the age of 30 has no idea what that stupid little icon is.

In honor of the 3½ floppy, and those who loved and/or hated them, we offer this set of coasters. They're not actually made from floppy disks, but bear an image of an actual disk - real floppies don't belong under your drink. They belong in a museum. 

Technical Specifications:

• Each coaster measures 3¾ x 3¾ x ⅛ inches
• Image is permanently printed with non-toxic, Earth-friendly inks
• Wood holder included
• Cork back to prevent scratches

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