Electrical Outlet Funny Christmas Tree Ornament


We're pretty clear on the fact that electric Christmas Tree lights are much safer that the old-school candle version ("Hey, let's put some festive open flames on this mostly dried-out tree! What could possibly go wrong?").

Unfortunately, though, there never seem to be enough outlets, and when there are enough they're always in the wrong place. Here's our solution - the completely portable electrical outlet for your Christmas tree! Just put this ornament where you need power and - voila! - you still have no power, since this is just an ornament and not an actual electrical outlet.

Never again let it be said that you can't have an outlet exactly where you want it. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof ...

NOTE: This is not a real electrical outlet. It's a picture of an electrical outlet printed onto an ornament. Seriously, if we could make electrical power appear just like that, do you think we'd be selling Christmas ornaments right now?

Technical Data:
  • Aluminum ornament permanently printed with non-toxic inks
  • 2 inches by 3 inches 
  • Includes red satin ribbon for hanging on your tree, wreath, door or Festivus pole
  • Does not include tree. We have to say that because someone actually thought the tree was included. Seriously.

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