Cook Periodic Table Embroidered Adjustable Apron - Grilling Apron


Can we have an adult conversation about cooking for a second? We're fed up (get it?) with TV chefs and connoisseur restaurateurs giving us lectures on the spiritual nature of cuisine. Personally, we're a little uncomfortable with the idea of forming an emotional relationship with our breakfast. Especially when we consider how it's going to come out. (get it, again?)

The reality of cooking is that you use heat to change the chemical composition of a digestible compound. It's not zen, it's chemistry.

This apron confirms your real-world understanding of what's actually happening when the steak hits the grill. While it's certainly true that your average meal includes relatively small portions of cobalt, oxygen and potassium, the message will be delivered.


Technicam notitia (the technical bits

  • Embroidered - not printed
  • Extra long size offers protection for even big guys
  • Adjustable neck strap ensures a proper fit
  • 8-ounce, 65/35 poly/cotton twill
  • Three front pockets
  • 25"w x 34.5"

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