Beer Varieties Picture Frame


Over recent years, there's been something of a revolution in beer brewing, and new varieties of craft beers have appeared at a pace that rivals that of political scandals (which is a pretty fast rate). As a consequence of all this variety, a new breed of creature has emerged, the beer snob. 

Beer snobs are a less pretentious version of the insufferable wine snob. Beer snobs are snobs of the People. Beer snobbery is also much less expensive than full-on wine snobbery, and it has the added bonus that when doing a beer tasting, beer snobs are not required to spit.

This frame is ideal for your favorite beer snob, even if said snob should happen to be your own personal self. This frame also excels as a graduation gift, allowing the graduate to celebrate their primary source of carbohydrates during their educational sojourn.

Techniciam Notitae (the technical stuff)   

  • Outside frame dimensions: 8x10 inches
  • Inside picture dimensions 5x7 inches
  • Pre-drilled slots for easy hanging
  • Gloss finish
  • Front glass included
  • Printed designs using permanent earth-friendly inks

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