Acoustic Coupler Patent- Historic Technology Patents Series


● One Piece Wooden Plaque with Built in Black Frame includes keyhole back for easy hanging

● Plaque dimensions: 9" x12" x .625" - Artwork Dimensions: 7.875" x 10.875"

● Printed on gloss wood surface which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth- no glass to get broken

● Permanently printed on wood surface- will not fade or warp like a paper image

● Great office gift for any computer engineer, nerd, geek or techie

In the primitive past of personal computing, the only way to move data from one PC to another was via "sneaker-net" - shuffling - or even mailing - floppy disks back and forth between two computers. If you needed a file from your friend across the country, you had to rely on network bandwidth that was equivalent to the speed of the average USPS delivery truck.

The along came a marvelous device called an 'acoustic coupler.' You simply shoved your desk phone headset into this device, typed in some obscure commands that usually began with ATDT, and through the miracle of analog phone lines you could transmit and receive data!

This is the patent application and drawing for the original acoustic coupler - truly one of the game-changers for computing. This would look fantastic in the office of any computer-oriented person - be they someone new in the biz, or actually old enough to have used one.  

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