Nerdy Periodic Table Metal Key Chain


Nerdy Periodic Table Metal Key Chain

Here we proudly present our N Er Dy (nerdy) keyring, suitable for any nerd, geek, chemist, scientist, tekkie or other person who can find their way around the periodic table of elements, even if said person should happen to be your personal self.

This ring combines the elemental symbols for nitrogen, erbium and dysprosium to spell out NErDy. Note that this is a much more practical way to present this combination as opposed to using the actual elements, since the nitrogen tends to dissipate and dysprosium is darn hard to come by. 

Technicam notitia (the technical bits)

  • Substantial solid metal fob with attached ring
  • Ships in fancy gift box 
  • Overall length 3 inches / 8 cm

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