Computer Mouse Patent Trademark Drawing- 9" x 12" Wood Plaque


Once upon a time, using a computer meant keeping both hands on the keyboard. Moving the blinking box around on the screen required the dexterity of a concert pianist, what with Shifted Tabs and Control-Arrows and various other key combinations designed to twist your fingers into knots.

Then along came a miracle device called a 'mouse.' You could just point the little arrow at where you wanted to be on the screen, press one button, and like magic you could type where you wanted to type!

This plaque bears the text and image of one of the original patents for a wireless mouse (wireless! can you imagine!) - truly one of the game-changers for computing. This would look fantastic in the office of any computer-oriented person - be they someone new in the biz, or actually old enough to have used one.  


  • Solid MDF construction one piece construction- frame built in
  • High gloss finish fill not fade
  • Pre-drilled keyhole hanging slots
  • Design is printed using permanent, earth-friendly inks


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