Grace Hopper Quote -They told me computers could only do arithmatics.


Radm Grace Hopper was a true pioneer in the field of computing. Aside from inventing useful things like the compiler, she is also widely credited with inventing the term 'bug,' which occurred when she located an actual bug in an electro-mechanical relay that caused a program to crash (legend has it that she taped the actual critter into the logbook).

Anyway, Radm Hopper was told early on in her career that computers could only do arithmetic. And while that's technically true, it turns out you (and she) can do a lot with arithmetic.

Technical Data:

- Dimensions: 6.625" x 1.625" x .045" 
- Can be adjusted to fit almost any wrist size
- Permanently imprinted with earth friendly ink 
- Aluminum construction
- Ships in black velvet bag storage or gift bag

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