Green Circuit Board Image Aluminum Geeky Cuff


This aluminum cuff bracelet has been printed with a 3D photo of a computer circuit board. Bonus points if you can identify the product that uses this board!

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions: 6.625" x 1.625" x .045" 
  • can be adjusted to fit almost any wrist size
  • ships in spiffy black velvet bag (classy!)

The design is printed onto the surface of the aluminum using a triple-top secret process that permanently seals the image into the metal (actually the image is applied by the <REDACTED> process, but don't tell anyone, OK?). You don't have to worry if you are caught in the rain or get thrown into the pool unexpectedly, this unique bracelet will not run, rust or turn your wrist a color that does not occur in nature.

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