Testosterone Molecular Structure Embroidered Adjustable Apron


Grilling is a manly thing for manly men. There's something about dropping food on the fire that returns your average guy to his cave man, eat-or-be-eaten roots.

Actually, the 'something' mentioned above is a scientifically known compound - the hormone testosterone. This apron sports the molecular structure of the celebrated chemical known to cause scratching, spitting, and inappropriate fascination with batting averages.

Any manly man would be proud to sport his hormone hero on his grilling apron. In fact, wearing this apron while tending the grill could lead to a subtle increase in your testosterone level. We do not recommend wearing this apron if you're a professional athlete who might be tested for steroids. And you just might be able to cut back on the Little Blue Pills, if you know what we mean and we think you do.


Technicam notitia (the technical bits

  • Embroidered - not printed
  • Extra long size offers protection for even big guys
  • Adjustable neck strap ensures a proper fit
  • 8-ounce, 65/35 poly/cotton twill
  • Three front pockets
  • 25"w x 34.5"

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